The Butter Debate: Butter vs. Margarine!

The Butter Debate: Butter vs. Margarine!

The battle between users of margarine and butter has been waging for decades, and there is no clear winner —unless you’re talking about baking!

Types of Margarine

Doctors used to recommend vegetable-based margarine spreads to patients looking to lower their cholesterol, but margarine can be bad for you too!

Softer, trans-fat-free spreads are the healthier alternative if you’re gonna go with margarine, but check the ingredients! If you see “hydrogenated oils”, there are still some slippery trans-fats in the tub!

Difference between Salted & Unsalted Butter

How can you not love the ingredient label on butter? —Cow’s milk and perhaps some salt . . . nothing could be simpler. Rich, creamy butter just tastes better too!

Salt is a preservative and prolongs the shelf-life of butter, and when most recipes call for butter they mean the salted kind. But to reduce salt in your diet, opt for unsalted butter and control how much salt you add to the recipe. Salted butter tastes best on bread.

I suggest that salted butter is good up to three months when refrigerated, while unsalted butter is good for a month (though some say longer is okay). You can tell by smell and taste when butter has gone rancid.

Butter is Best for Baking!

It’s been said by many a chef that “Butter is the secret ingredient that makes dishes delicious!” and the same goes for baking.

Most bakers agree, UNSALTED butter is best, so you can control the level of salt in your cakes, cookies and other baked goods. AND unsalted butter will not mask other flavours that you want to bring out in your baking.

Just remember that when a recipe requests you “cream” butter and sugar together, you use room-temperature butter so the sugar crystals can slice into the softened fat, creating those lovely air pockets needed to “lift” your products.

Butter UP!

Making your own butter is very rewarding—AND it’s GREAT exercise! It’s so simple, yet tastes amazing . . . and it will really impress your friends when you say, “I churned out this batch of homemade butter for you.”

Get the kids in on it too! It’s a great learning experience and lets them appreciate food and feel they contributed to the family meal.

You can add salt or seasonings to make it extra special.

Make your own fresh creamy butter!

AND here are some Brazen Butter Recipes to try slathered on a slice of BeNanna Bakery Bread:

TIP:  Butter can be stored in the freezer to keep it longer!

If you have any questions about baking, comment below.

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